Genuine Contact Mentoring Circle

  • Face to Face meeting in The Netherlands

An international face to face mentoring circle took place on 8 & 9 September 2023 in The Netherlands about working the Genuine Contact™ way

International Face to Face Mentoring Circle

This International Face to Face Genuine Contact Mentoring Circle is organized regularly in the Netherlands and is part of a larger group of Genuine Contact Mentoring Circles that happen throughout the world. Mentoring is one of the components of the Genuine Contact Program and organizing this event is part of our commitment in the Netherlands to stimulate ongoing learning through mentoring. Genuine Contact Mentoring Circles take place all over the world also online and in different languages. 

Mentoring Circle Organizing Team 2023

Mariëlle CuijpersDoris Gottlieb

Why Mentoring Circles

An integral part of the Genuine Contact way of working is mentoring for ongoing professional and personal development. It is one of the essential components of the Genuine Contact Program. Mentoring is underpinned by key concepts and beliefs of Genuine Contact including:

  • working with the blueprint for health that is present in every organization
  • using life nurturing meetings as a catalyst for organizational success
  • developing systems for sustaining organizational health and balance that is needed for optimal effectiveness
  • working with the belief that change is constant and that ongoing mentoring is one way to develop mastery at working with change
  • opportunities for Genuine Contact in all relationships

The Genuine Contact community offers mentoring as a forum to learn the art of mentoring and to 'walk the talk of mentoring' for both individuals and organizations. Mentoring circles have been held regularly within the Genuine Contact community since their beginning in North Carolina, USA in 2001. The first mentoring circle in Amsterdam was held in 2004. 

Open Space Technology & Whole Person Process Facilitation

The design of the mentoring circle consists open space technology (OST) and whole person process facilitation (WPPF). Both are well-proven methodologies for highly participatory meetings and part of the Genuine Contact™ Program. This program provides for tools, techniques, and concepts of how to let organization of all kinds to thrive in today’s internal and external environments of constant change. On the website you can find information about the Genuine Contact approach as well as a listing of learning opportunities including Mentoring Circles.

Nederlandstalige bijeenkomst op maat 

De voertaal van deze Genuine Contact mentoring circle was Engels vanwege het internationale karakter van de bijeenkomst. Wil je een Nederlandstalige 'Open Space Technology'- of 'Whole Person Process Facilitation'-bijeenkomst organiseren voor je bedrijf, vereniging of familie?

Ik ben een geautoriseerde Genuine Contact™ facilitator en bespreek graag de mogelijkheden voor een aanbod op maat, online en/of offline. Neem voor een oriënterend gesprek contact met me op.


Afbeelding: Pixabay